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LeatherWerks and Stompers Boots proudly support the Pup community. We have teamed up to meet the needs of pups everywhere. Find out how we can bring out the very best pup in you!

LeatherWerks is the number one Puppy gear destination in South Florida. We've got everything you need to leave your humanness behind and to help you discover your true inner pup. If you want to be a real leather pup you gotta come to the real leather pup shop. Alphas and betas both agree that there is no place like LeatherWerks to get you pounding, pouncing, and playing like the animal you are.

From coast to coast every community member knows the name Stompers Boots. Stompers Boots knows how to take you from stray mutt to show quality pure bred, quicker than you can lace up a pair of 18" boots. So why would you trust any other boot shop than... The best damn boot shop in the worldSM ?