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There is a deeper side of sex that is way more than jerking off, sucking cock, or fucking ass. It's all about the power exchange, the play of energy, the mental fuel between people that ignites a wonderland of desire and passion, that allows you to experience fetishes you never knew you had. Ultimately, sex is about curiosity, keeping an open mind, and exploring a fantasy. That’s where we come in.

Leather University classes offered by LeatherWerks provide you with the opportunity to expand your limits in a judgment free zone. Taught by people in the leather, fetish, and BDSM communities, our interactive classes are designed to equip you with the tools you need to safely explore that thing that stimulates your brain and makes your juices flow. Safety is our number one priority. As a result, we have decided to stop all classes and events until Broward County allows our local bars to reopen. In the meantime, we would like to introduce you to some of our awesome instructors, and let them tell you all about what you can look forward to when classes resume.

A beefy guy with a sexy beard and chest hair in a leather jock is showing off how great our Victor Harness can look.

Barclay Barrios

I’ve spent 30 years living my life in leather and kink. The very first time I had sex with a man, I made him tie me up first (not recommended). It’s been a fantastic journey of pleasure and self-discovery, of community and spirituality, of connection and joy. I teach a variety of classes for LeatherWerks, but the most popular ones I do seem to be the bondage classes. You may not realize it, but we are blessed to have these classes at all. This stuff doesn’t exist elsewhere, not even in the big leather cities. The classes are a safe space to explore what turns you on, so much better than doing it with someone you barely know and then realizing in the middle of a scene it’s not working for you, or worse, that they may not know what they’re doing. I love teaching these classes, but as with the scenes I do, safety is a huge priority. The stuff I teach is very hands on - social distancing not possible - so it’s just not safe for you or for me while the pandemic rages. Can’t wait to see you all again. Until then, wear a mask, keep six feet of distance, and wash your hands. That’s an order.

A beefy guy with a sexy beard and chest hair in a leather jock is showing off how great our Victor Harness can look.

Daddy Dog and Pup Aspen

Daddy Dog is the Dominant Alpha in a poly-quad relationship with his son (Sir Cub), his puppy (pup aspen), and his boy (boy gage). He has identified as a Leather Daddy for over 30 years, a Pup Handler for over 8 years, and a Doggo (an older puppy) for the last 5 years. He is the Florida Puppy Handler for the years 2018, 2019, and 2020, Vice President of the South Florida Kennel Club, on the board of The Florida Puppy Contest, a member of Bears of South Florida, a member of Phoenix, and is a kink educator at LeatherWerks, as well as at various other kink events throughout the country.

He is an advocate for teaching the roots of leather and kink while encouraging folks to explore and grow the kinks they have and the ones they don’t even know about yet.

Want to get his attention? Bring him a jar of Peanut Butter.

Pup Aspen/boy Harold identifies as a Gender Bending Leather Bootblack Pup. Their current community involvement includes Board Member of the Florida Puppy Contest, LeatherWerks Educator, and President of the South Florida Kennel Club. They started their kink journey 15 years ago, then 11 years ago made their way to the Power Exchange area of our community. The spirit of Recovery in NA and the leather community is what brought life to this pup. They exude positivity as you see them volunteering and dancing at events around the country.

We tend to teach together because it helps people see how our dynamic works in real life. We do miss teaching classes immensely. We want to make sure people are safe in their kink play and give them the opportunity to explore something they might not have even known they were interested in.

A beefy guy with a sexy beard and chest hair in a leather jock is showing off how great our Victor Harness can look.

Master Tony Black

Master Tony Black has lived 46 years in boots, having donned his first boots at the young age 12 and his first self-made leather vest at 15. He identifies as an “out of the Box” organic lifestyle Leatherman. He is Head of his multifaceted Leather Household, “The House of Black,” and Senior guide to His larger Leather Family. He is a BDSM Master, yet an organic Daddy overall. Known to many affectionately as Papa or Papa T, Master Tony is a man of many hats. “Over my years I have discovered and learned that it is never the “hat” (Cover) we wear that makes us but the person underneath that gives value to its wearing.”

Reigning IPPC (International Pony Play Contest) Grand Champion, Master Tony locally coordinates the M & M’s group event which was formed just before COVID started. It’s an evening where selected vetted Mentors meet one on one or in small groups with folks that may want to learn something specific or ask questions they normally may not have an opportunity to. Master Tony also coordinates F.L.O.G. (Florida League of Gentlemen) and The South Florida Critter Ark, having two ponies and two puppies of his own. He also is an active member of South Florida Littles, blessed with two littles and a middle. He is also a Founding member of local Little Scouts Troop 577. Master Tony is also a founding member of The Ft. Lauderdale MasT Chapter.

Master Tony teaches within his local community, monthly at LeatherWerks for years now, and has presented at events such as Power Exchange Summit, FPE, Beyond Leather, FLSb/CBB, and is currently the education coordinator for FLSc/CBB for 2021. Master Tony teaches various skill sets/play forms as well as various Power Exchange relationship dynamics. Staying Safe during this time is very important, obviously, but I’m sure most of you are feeling “enough already.” I look forward to when our community can gather again and enjoy Leather U and the many other wonderful events we are lucky here to have normally.