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Below is a list of the open positions we have available at LeatherWerks!

LeatherWerks is a full service Leather / Fetish shop catering to the greater alternative lifestyle community. There are two retail stores and a custom leather department in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

LeatherWerks is a drug-free workplace. In keeping with evolving business practices, we no longer consider marijuana use a bar to employment for most positions however no employee may work while under the influence of any substance, including marijuana. We proudly support recovery programs such as AA and CMA and we sponsor such programs at various Leather events.

If one of the positions below seems like a fit for you, please apply in person at our Main Store.


Leather Sewing and Production Assistant

Full-Time / $14 per Hour or up based on experience / Flexible Days and Hours / Occasional Weekend Work

We are hiring a full-time production assistant to help produce and assemble our leather products. You will be making products that you are proud of. All the products you will be creating will carry our name and are warranted by us. We are known for over 20 years of quality products and excellent workmanship. We have an excellent reputation and hold each other accountable for consistent quality craftmanship

The production assistant’s typical job duties are as follows:

  • Reviewing and following instructions that explain how to assemble each product correctly each time a job is started.
  • Using machinery to attach rivets, snaps, and other hardware to assemble leather gear per production directions and company quality standards.
  • Recording and correctly reporting all materials and time used to produce each product.
  • Minimize leather waste by using leather in the most efficient way possible while maintaining product quality standards.
  • Working quickly to ensure each product is produced efficiently (time) and with minimal waste (materials).
  • Making repairs and alterations to products per customer request.

This position will be at our production facility a few blocks away from our main store. Sewing experience is strongly preferred though not required. This position will be producing a wide variety of leather products like harnesses, vests, jock straps, and other leather items for our Leather Community. The position will require 30-40 hours per week and pay is directly deposited every Friday.