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Below is a list of the open positions we have available at LeatherWerks!

LeatherWerks is a full service Leather / Fetish shop catering to the greater alternative lifestyle community. There are two retail stores and a custom leather department in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

LeatherWerks is a drug-free workplace. In keeping with evolving business practices, we no longer consider marijuana use a bar to employment for most positions however no employee may work while under the influence of any substance, including marijuana. We proudly support recovery programs such as AA and CMA and we sponsor such programs at various Leather events.

If one of the positions below seems like a fit for you, please apply in person at our Main Store.


Warehouse Inventory Control Associate

Full-Time / $14 per Hour / Saturday - Wednesday

Our fully air-conditioned warehouse is bigger than our showroom, and we are looking for a Warehouse Inventory Control Associate to spending 70% of your time searching for, and counting products in, our warehouse and showroom. You will be fully trained on this position, so no experience is necessary. Inventory Control involves finding products in our warehouse and showroom, counting them, and if the counted numbers are different from what our computer systems report, you would investigate past receiving, sales, and audits, to determine what caused the numbers to be different, and then correct the numbers so they match.

When not auditing, 30% of your time will be assisting with receiving new products, putting price tags on them, and putting them away in our warehouse. You will also pull products from the warehouse to put in our showroom.

People applying for this position must be comfortable working alone, be comfortable working on a computer for short periods of time, and be comfortable standing, bending, and kneeling for long periods of time looking and counting products. They must be willing to clean, organize, and move boxes of product around in the warehouse as new products are constantly being added and old products removed. The ability to lift heavy boxes and carry them up and down stairs is also required.